Color of Hope

Color of Hope provides Life Skill Training, Tutoring, Parenting Classes, Community Resource Information and Referrals

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Life Skills

Healthy Decision Making, Effective Communication, Building Confidence, Age Appropriate Dating, Staying In School, Resume Building, Substance Abuse, Dressing for Success

  • Life Skills

    This is a seven week program that will prepare participants for transitioning into high school and the community as adults. Participants will gain knowledge and the tools needed to effectively communicate and make informed decisions for positive outcomes.

  • Tutoring

    Participants will receive ongoing tutoring services that will promote learning, best grades and confidence to stay in school.

  • Parenting Classes

    Participants will spend 8 hours learning what the emotional, financial and life commitment is to parent and raise a child.

    The focus of this class is to inform participants with the intention to prevent teen pregnancy's, sexually transmitted diseases and to learn the benefits of choosing not to be sexually active.

    Color of Hope is partnering with Birthing A Miracle for post delivery parenting and is a 2 hour class.

  • Community Information

    Color of Hope partners with various community services including food pantry and agency information.